Blood Money

Blood Money is the solo project of Colin McLeod of Moolah Rouge Studios, which he and his brother Norman established in 2000 in Stockport, (Manchester). 

The Studio closed in 2012 but Colin and Norman continued to produce and write music together until 2016 when Norman sadly died of a brain tumour aged 49. This was devastating for his family and friends. 

Moolah Rouge means Bloody Money, and it seemed a fitting way for Colin to finish music which he and Norman started together and to continue Norman’s legacy - Norman features heavily on some of the songs. 

“Moolah is basically a word for money and I saw it used in an interview with Steely Dan, where they talk about ‘Making Moolah’ – we liked it and added the ‘rouge’ bit as we thought it was funny because its so hard getting money out of bands”.

Blood Money’s debut explores poetry from 19th century which provides the essence of the songs. Colin conceived the idea while out walking in the Highlands of Scotland, where he lives now. Robert Louis Stevenson visited there in 1882 and wrote a poem about the river that runs past his house. He then gathered other poems he liked from that same period, some by anonymous authors, and coupled them with music he felt befitted the words. The inspiration for his original penned songs was then foraged from the wild, the wind, the seasons, the hostile, both the reality and the realness of living in this wonderful remoteness.

Colin is an experienced Producer and Sound Engineer as well as a recording and touring keyboard player, predominantly retro keyboards: Hammond Organ, Clavinet, Rhodes and Piano are his thing. Colin has appeared on records with I Am Kloot, Badly Drawn Boy, Cherry Ghost, Happy Mondays plus many more due to running Moolah Rouge and before that he enjoyed a brief rock career appearing on Top of The Pops with Skin in 1994! Colin and Norman also recorded 4 albums with Bigfinn, who toured from Moscow to Paris - taking in a Polish Prison tour along the way! 

Che Beresford, Drums (Happy Mondays/ Black Grape/ Parlour Flames/ Bigfinn) and Ollie Collins, Bass (Black Rivers/ Parlour Flames/ Bigfinn) and Peter Jobson, Bass (I Am Kloot/ Guy Garvey) all appear on the Blood Money project.

“My Influence’s are very wide ranging, but I can say that Dr. John, Little Feat, Kevin Ayres, Tom Waits and Lambchop have had a big effect on me. I sing low I think due to my Dad always playing Leonard Cohen in the car when I was a kid and it is ingrained in me. I love discovering new sounds and finding original songwriters as well as having a keen interest in film music”. 

Colin McLeod’s Production work includes:

‘I Am Kloot Play Moolah Rouge’ album
I Am Kloot  ‘Same Shoes’ on ‘Sky at Night’ album co-produced with Guy Garvey and Craig Potter (Elbow)
I Am Kloot ‘B’ album
Jo Rose ‘Spurs’
The Bear Around Your Neck ‘Big Shiver’
John Ainsworth 2 EP’s for Big Life Management
John Atkinson EP
Bigfinn 4 albums
Skin ‘Breaking The Silence’ co produced
Ruby Tuesday EP
Ash Hunter ‘Rural Music’

Mixing work includes:

(All of the above)
Badly Drawn Boy ‘One Plus One Is One‘ album